There are no major requirements for working clothes. No requirement is not equal to being casual. After all, it is a workplace, and you must highlight your professional attitude and image. Simple, generous and temperamental outfits are the correct way to open outfits in the workplace. Wool coat with wide-leg pants. This kind of wearing line is very simple and clear, and the shape is simple, which is very suitable for work or leisure occasions. Every day I want to dress elegantly and smartly without losing my charm. Even if I am more beautiful, I can not lose my colleagues, but I don't know how to start? Then the commuter style dress can help you easily enjoy the workplace, beautiful and elegant atmosphere. It is especially recommended that if you are a girl who is participating in an internship at a university, or a girl who has just graduated and entered the workplace, don’t dress too professionally. In the autumn, many female friends cannot do without knitwear, whether they are worn alone or on the inside. It is necessary to choose a knitwear with good texture. When girls wear knitted sweaters, remember to tuck the corners of their skirts or trousers to create a waistline, so that they will appear high.