Long black dress with a small suit or shawl. Choose a black dress that you prefer. It is not recommended to choose the one with too long sleeves, otherwise it will be very cumbersome to match with a small suit, and it will appear to have a lot of meat on the arms, so the last choice is Sling or tube top can be used, so that it not only looks more sexy, but also does not appear too fleshy on the arm. This kind of collocation is actually very exotic and very beautiful. Black is a versatile color. Many people choose black if they don’t know what color to choose when buying clothes or bags, or if they are afraid that they will be too ugly to wear. After all, black is not a good one. Choose a person's skin color, and it looks more stable to wear, so black is also the first choice for many people. So how does a black long dress look better with a jacket? A tube top dress with a small jacket. A tube top dress with a small coat is actually a very common way of matching. Many celebrities have been matched with the red carpet before, such as Zhang Ziyi, who wore a black tube top that dragged to the ground. The skirt is matched with a short furry coat. Although there is no exposed legs, the good figure is displayed through the tube top, and the overall appearance of the clothes is also noble and full.